Thursday, July 26, 2012

Training, revamped! Races added.

With the addition of 2 Ultra Marathons in this calendar year, I have decided to revamp my training regimen. The last time I took my training more serious was from December to February. The focus then was on functional strength, mixed with a little running. I would use the weight vest to do my run/lunge/burpee regimen. After a bunch of leg injuries, I ran less and less....then being in a car accident in April I had to give up upper body workouts, road biking and running. As the pain weaned, I started to mix some of those back in for training, which allowed me to do okay at the Spartan beast in Utah and the 50k.

I have created a new running and strength training schedule that I have been trying out this week. The training was going well until the day after a strength training session in the gym.... trying to run 5 miles the day after a first day back in the gym in over a year was not the best idea. My running form was really sloppy and I may have worsened some of my leg and foot injuries. It is too painful to even foam roll right now!

Taking 2 days now to focus on core strength and flexibility. I plan to go  for  a tough running session on Saturday with people doing the Cuyamaca 100k.

Should be a great weekend if my legs and feet hold up! Looking forward to try out the new Camelbak and possibly shoes, if they show up in the mail on Friday :-)

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