Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taji100 Challenge.

 My recovery from my Across The Years race has gone better then expected. I do not have any stress fractures or seriously dehabilitating injuries from it...just some tendinitis issues.  After taking a week off at the beginning of January, I jumped straight into my training for Old Goat 50. I started a running streak on January 11th and am 18 days into it now. My main focus has been technical trail hill repeats everyday. The last 2 weeks have been about 40 miles per week of hill training.

 I came across an interesting challenge someone referenced on Facebook. The Taji100 challenge caught my eye for two reasons. For starters, anything with the number 100 in it is alluring, secondly the Wounded Warrior Project is a great organization that I have given to in the past, and lastly, I love a good challenge! It also does that hurt that the month of February will contain my peak training for OG50.

 I have set a personal goal of hitting 200 miles in the short month, a distance I have never come close to in previous training!

Please consider donating to WWP through my donation page per mileage I complete. If you cannot donate, please follow my progress and encourage me on! Thanks!

DAY 7 :  Finished the first 100 miles. 2/4 to 2/10 was my highest mileage running week ever at 112 miles.
DAY 14: I am at 196 miles and plan to finish my original goal of 200 miles later this evening. My original plan definitely did not have me running back to back 100 mile weeks. I have readjusted my goal to 300 miles and have begun doing less miles in preparation for my upcoming 12 hour race on Feb. 23rd.
FINAL: 282 miles in 28 days, took it really easy the last 2 weeks of the challenge to rest up for my race, but I am happy with the total.

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