Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anxious for the Spartan Beast

I am very anxious for the Spartan Beast Race on the 30th of this month, just over a week away! My strategy at this point is to be as well rested and injury free as possible come race day. I had 2 chiropractor appointments this week for my back and neck injuries (from car accident) at I also was able to get a massage in between those 2 visits. I have decided that I will benefit more from getting better then packing in some more training.

  My knees are still very inflamed from my workout this past Sunday. I attempted to run up El Capitan Mountain in San Diego while my friends were hiking it. We got a late start and were going up in the heat of the day. I was able to finish 9 miles of it in the heat; I was fairly pleased with my performance in the heat. The last time I ran up it was in the cool of the morning. At about mile 4 I was not able to take any more fluids in, which I feel was a sign of dehydration setting in. With my knees hurting, chaffing on my chest from my shirt, dehydration setting in, and time running out before the parking lot closed, I had to make the decision at mile 4.5  to turn around to meet up with my friends that were hiking. It was a great last high intensity workout before my upcoming races. It was also a chance for me to try out the KT tape I bought.
  I have mixed reviews on the KT tape.... It was very effective for my pain on the top of my right  foot, but it is not effective at all for people who have lots of leg hair. Around mile 2.5, the tape separated from what little bond it had on the skin and was only sticking to the hair. I ended up having to pull it off so that it did not irritate me while I was running up the mountain. The tape on my foot lasted for about 5 days. It seems at this point the tape will only be effective for my legs if I shave them, which is not going to happen. I may still attempt the tape job at the beast race, because I cannot find a knee brace or sleeve that does not irritate the back of the knee/leg.

Here's a little preview of last years Spartan Super Race in Utah. On the 30th I will be doing the Beast there, which is around 50% longer in distance and has almost double the obstacles!!

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